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Show HN: Booknshelf – Discover great books on different topics (booknshelf.com)
89 points by thakobyan on Feb 21, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

What does this do that Goodreads does not?

Well, it generates referral revenue for the developer of the website...

as oppose to the Amazon owned goodreads.com pays itself.

Well, I clicked around for a while. And now? There don't seem to be any recommendations?

The basic "click the books you read & liked" workflow is also annoyingly flawed. There are like 20 collections that each require a page load, and some of them only contain a single book.

Having tried similar things in the past, they seemed to be much better at quickly zeroing in on what I probably had in my bookshelf. After 10 to 15 books in my library, they had about a 50% hit rate with suggestions. I. e. if someone likes Douglas Adams, chances are really high they've also read Feynman's more humorous books.

There also seems to be a problem with deduplication. One of the collections literally contains 15+ editions of "How to Win Friends..." and nothing else.

Is it just me or does HN seem to have a few too many book recommendation posts, complete with Amazon referral links?

Something interesting that may want to be worked on one day is that searching for an author's full name seems to bring up different results than just searching for their last name.

It seems "Discover popular books" would be more accurate? Within my specialisation, it didn't uncover the hidden gems, as much as the usual suspects of academic textbooks that are dreary as hell.

Why on earth did you implement all the links as regular divs and not <a> tags? I can't open any them to new tabs.

Anyway, I'm always interested on finding new books to read, so thanks.

What's the significance of the n? It looks like a typo.

The domain with the "n" was available.

Passes a basic test for me. Search for a computer language and get back a good book: https://booknshelf.com/books/search?q=haskell Worked for Eric Carle: https://booknshelf.com/books/search?q=eric+carle not enough Asimov: https://booknshelf.com/books/search?q=azimov

Nice searches, I searched for Clarke first and there is even less than Asimov :(

Looks cool. I tried to do something along the same lines. I had gotten tired of the low signal to noise ratio of Amazon book reviews (after reading one too many "Arrived in good condition" type of reviews). Mine is a more minimal HN type look and feel: http://vivalabooks.com But Im not sure how to get it off the ground.

Played around with Booknshelf for a while. If it was your weekend project, I think you've done quite an awesome job!

Glad that you've been thinking on the same lines as we did. We started with a similar concept as a facebook bot and now have made it into a web app.


Infact, I'd love it if you played around with it for sometime and make your reading lists there.

Very neat concept, even if it's a shameless plug.

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