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90-95% profit margin isn't exactly realistic. Not that people and some companies don't hit that mark but it is rare. A much more realistic range is probably 30-35% if you are in the tech world and much lower if you are in the world of physical products.

I disagree strongly with that, and I've got the numbers to prove it. Software is one place where you can definitely get that sort of profit margin.

Yeah I agree. If the margins are that high, then you'll have a ton of competitors come in, which will end up lowering it in the end. It may be possible in the beginning, before the competition forms.

Pro audio equipment has pretty high margins. The barrier to entry is fairly high (lots of R&D involved), so there aren't a ton of compmetitors, and the competitors like making good margins so the prices never get too low (improving technology and cheaper materials also helps with that). If a competitor tried to own the market by selling equipment at consumer margins, they'd probably starve on the low volume they'd get.

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