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VB6 was awesome. Would be great if they could release it as open source.

RAD (rapid application development) of GUI applications was never easier and such a joy then with VB6. I remember I was very sad when they announced their vision for dotNet - it took them additional four years until dotNet was available in v1. In the meantime they lost all developers to HTML and PHP & co. Dreamweaver WYSIWYG was good enough.

Good point. I knew some people that moved to Delphi after VB5, which I always kicked myself for not doing. However, I look back at the apps I worked on and there was nothing there that that would look out of place today. Like any language, you can write messy code and design poor UI, but follow principles such as MVP, separate your data layer and such, it's still a good platform. Having said that, I'd not pick it for a new project today! I've fallen very hard for C#.

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