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> They're made to feel realistic, but in fact they powerfully reward violence and punish being law-abiding, in precisely the opposite way that the real world does.

You're right, realistic maybe wasn't the best word. I think "believable" would have gotten my point across better. It's true that GTA V mimics the real world pretty terribly, but it's game world and AI is so incredibly internally consistent that it feels less like a game and more like a another world.

> I accidentally bumped a police boat with my jetski. Apparently this warranted being shot in the head.

Were you playing as Franklin? The GTA V devs have denied this, but from personal experience and plenty of online reports, the police in the game are racist. More realistically, it's probably because they're unable to pathfind to a state where they can arrest you (because you're both on boats on water), so they just go guns blazing.

I saw a video not too long ago that determined that the police in different parts of the game's city were more/less aggressive to each of the three player characters.

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