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Can anyone compare it to weechat? Never used irssi but weechat is my client of choice these days since my old client fell victim to the whole gtk2/gtk3 thing.

Weechat lacks passive DCC. Otherwise, considering the respective plugin ecosystems, both can be made look and work pretty much alike.

Apples and oranges - wee Is gui. Irssi is cli.

It's "wee" - so it's minimal. Does a good job for its niche.

Cli chat clients are more flexible, with all the complexity that brings with it - but they're usually robust. Command line graphics don't change much :)

gui ones less so, but learning curve is not as steep. That said Xchat is hard to compare to weechat again, as it's a full fledged gui IRC client, rather than a minimal one. (multi network, multi server, dcc/xdcc and scriptability) and it's robust in its own niche.

Been using irssi for years now, and can't say I know/utilise all it offers, but it's great to log in to my server and screen -x into my irssi session.

I'm not sure which WeeChat you're comparing to, but practically nothing you said applies to the weechat I know[1]. It's primary interface is a CLI one, it is incredibly flexible, and it's a full fledged IRC client with every single feature you listed.

[1]: https://weechat.org/

Hmm, you're right. I had a different client in mind and confused the two - can't remember what it was called now, tried to Google but it might have died along time ago.

Hell even xchat is now hexchat. Weechat seems to be a pretty good client.

The nick list on the side does have its drawbacks when it comes to small screen realestate- but for a newbie (and beyond really. It seems to be very extedable) Friendly client it's impressive.

Erm, pretty sure weechat is a CLI based IRC program. There's plenty of interfaces for it that expose a GUI, but at its core it's command line.

There's a distinction to be made between CLI and TUI (Text user interface, curses and the like) isn't there? I think maybe that's what godmodus was getting it (considering TUIs to be a kind of GUI).

I made a mistake man, thanks for the back up though.

I had an old java based chat client in mind that I used a long time ago and had a similar name.

irssi is as much a TUI as weechat

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