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Ok, it is a skill keeping a train of thought going with those camera shutters going off 50 times a second. [1]

I didn't see what you saw, but Trump sure looks tired. Anyone would be, I have no idea how they keep the pace they do. Oldest President-elect in history.

My first executive order as President of the United States would be to ban camera shutters at my press conferences.

[1] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWs4RzoPP6M

I see fidgeting, I see him not looking at the President while he's speaking (watch how the President listens). Later with Speaker Ryan, President-elect Trump kept his hands beneath the table in his lap during the press conference. This is a businessman, and it's not his first time sitting at a boardroom table. He knows to keep his hands in view, and he's tired, stressed, and showing weakness.

I assure you the President is also tired and stressed, and probably feeling pretty defeated right now. He's putting on a public face despite that, and he's doing a much better job of it than his successor.

Give it time, though. In a few weeks the President-elect will be back to his confident self.

I don't think he's tired. By the time he took the stage, news networkers have been railing about global markets in free-fall for several hours.

He literally cannot restart his shpiel until the markets stabilize. To me, his suppression looks contrived.

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