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Arment is way too positive on the Mac Pro's thermal design. Recently I worked on an application where we had about a dozen Mac Pros doing heavy video encoding workloads. Four of these computers started having GPU overheating issues, and turns out that this is a common occurrence on the 2013 Mac Pro. Apple has been quietly replacing units over the years (searching for the specific console error message reveals that it's common among Mac Pro owners).

My theory is that the Mac Pro hasn't seen an update because Apple knows that its current thermal design is a lemon, and they don't really want to sell any more of these because the replacement rate is so high.

Can confirm, had a similar set up with six Mac Pros for video processing and compression. We had to replace every single one of them at least once, and some 3 times and still we feel there are heat-based performance issues that Apple hasn't addressed.

Also, I think Apple will have to come out with a new display to go with the Mac Pro.

> Also, I think Apple will have to come out with a new display to go with the Mac Pro.

I must be missing something. If a new Mac Pro ever came out wouldn't it use USB-C and be fine on the new LG displays Apple sells (price dropped by the way)?

There's no press release, but they've told at least one journalist there's no more displays: https://9to5mac.com/2016/10/28/apple-standalone-displays/.

It was already evident from the Anandtech review, where the 12 core model was reaching around 100 C (CPU and GPU) under stress load. Anand tried to downplay the issue somewhat, but the numbers speak for themselves, it's not a computer you can rely on for prolonged high loads.

Apple could give it a secondary function as a tea kettle... Then the design would finally serve some purpose. Just needs a samovar-style tap.

Sounds like an opportunity for someone to create after-market coolers.

MacPro "SubZero Edition". :)

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