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Alooma pricing varies greatly. Our customers are paying anywhere between $1000 and $15000 per month. Because the variance is so big, we prefer to have a conversation before providing a quote. There is a two weeks free trial though, to test things out.

It would be great if you have this on the pricing page. It's really frustrating for there to be nothing there.

My startup has a ~$50 / mo Kafka ETL system hooked up to a few things and it seemed like a good candidate to move to hosted. But if your small clients are $1000 / mo... Noooope, not our scale! Good thing I saw this post or I might have spent a lot of time trying it out.

We could tell you that over a quick email / phone conversation as well before spending any time.

At small scale Alooma probably is an overkill.

Here is a short write-up from one of our co-founders for when it starts to break: https://www.alooma.com/blog/building-a-professional-grade-da...

1) What is the cost relating to: requests? GB ingested? unique users? sources? Too many variables...

2) On a different topic. There is one thing I'd like to see that would put you at a great advantage over all competitors: The ability to have the tracker appears under my own domain like "stats.mysite.com/whatever".

Right now all client-side javascript scripts are expected to reside on a unique address and it's impossible to change (i.e. alooma.com or google-analytics.com/analytics.js or segment.com). The unique address are systematically blocked by all adblockers.

1. Mostly event volume, but also number of integrations 2. It's actually possible if you cname your domain eg. `alooma.user5994461.com` to `inputs.alooma.com`. However, SSL won't work as we don't support installing custom certificates at the moment.

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