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Ask HN: Remote-only job boards
84 points by pilom on Sept 8, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments
I'm looking for job boards that specialize in remote positions.

https://remoteok.io By Pieter levels is also worth looking at

https://remote-first.com/, full disclosure I built and run this site. You can read more about the process here: https://hungryadmin.com/starting-and-finishing-a-project.htm...

No offense, but this site seems either empty or broken. There's no immediate list of jobs. There's no buttons other than "Submit a Job". I presume that I need to enter a search and hit enter, but a button would help. I get "No ads match your search" but there's no indication of what I searched on so I don't know if I mistyped something or what. Searching for "developer" brings up nothing, which points me back at empty or broken.

Currently I get a 502 HTTP error when I try to enter the website, so it's supposedly broken.

http://nodesk.co/remote-work/ has a collection of remote job boards

Thanks for asking this, I was looking for resources for this myself.

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