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no, they replaced bandwidth costs with new pricing component $0.008 per LCU-hour[1]. If you have 1M idle websocket connections you will pay 100 times more for ALB vs ELB (i.e. $2K/mo vs $18/mo).

Good thing ELB is still here, so you can choose between them depending on your workload.

[1] LCU - Load Balancer Capacity Units


I don't believe classic ELB supports websockets[1] making this a tenuous comparison. There might be workarounds that I'm not aware of (our production network isn't currently on AWS so I'm a couple of years behind in my day-to-day experience with them).

That said, I don't dispute that there might be use cases where classic ELB is a better option. And I'm glad it's still available (as opposed to ALB replacing classic).


it supports any TCP-based protocol, like websockets or MQTT, similar to Network LB on GCE.

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