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> Any time I see someone messing with a Raspberry Pi I try to steer them towards the TI Sitara/AM335x line.

I don't think I will ever forgive TI for abandoning the Galaxy Nexus when they decided to abruptly exit the Android business. Since they chose not to update the drivers, Google couldn't update the GNex later Android versions despite being a Nexus phone. Google Glass had a TI chipset and Google managed to deploy a new Android version to it (I guess via some driver-compat work-around) but I hear the setup wasn't stable. I now avoid TI wherever possible.

I was sad to see OMAP go as well. I had been working with it since OMAP1 and it did have some nice features. Sitara is pretty much an OMAP without the video DSP so I'm guessing TI just couldn't find a road into the handset market since Apple and Samsung were locking it all up.

I've since switched to the NXP/Freescale iMX family and it's pretty similar in a lot of ways.

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