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I've had a lot of difficulty talking to people here about the climate change - specifically people from business communities.

There seems to be a prevailing attitude of "We are now in a phase of development as an economy. First world countries had an opportunity to grow without regulating pollution. Regulating us will inhibit our ability to catch up".

For some reason the literal end of the world isn't a strong enough argument for them. When I mention it, I am frequently told that it doesn't matter because no matter what is done, the outcome in terms of climate change is going to be the same at this stage.

Climate change occurs because of greenhouse gases, not because of particulate matter, which is the kind of pollution in delhi. More advanced countries like USA and china still produce the same percentage of energy from coal as India. They produce an order of magnitude more of greenhouse gases. 25% of human produced greenhouse gases is just USA. India hasn't even made a mark in the environment. Yet India is unfairly criticized, somebody talk to climate change ignoring China and climate change denying USA first.

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