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is offical Windows support planned?

Apple has no interest to provide Windows support. They support linux because it's the most used backend OS and on top of that it's Open Source. Fortunately Swift is open source so anyone can contribute and make Windows an official port. The same happened with Go.

Would it not work under the new Linux subsystem for Windows at least?

I don't know. From the microsoft docs I understand that it has some limitations so most likely it won't work without some patching. Why would you use a linux subsystem instead of "native" linux anyway? It seems designed for sys admins who don't like windows (quite funny)

>It seems designed for sys admins who don't like windows (quite funny)

It's designed first and foremost for developers deploying on UNIX/Linux.

I don't know what that means. Deploying on UNIX/Linux usually means uploading the code somewhere using a standard protocol (i.e. ftp ) or proprietary API. Part of that you need to execute a program so I'm wondering, what makes deploying more special than any other program?

There has been some community work on Windows, no official promises but IIRC there is already very basic support.

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