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Okay, now one more paragraph about how anyone is incentivized to create anything in this system

not that i'm necessarily agreeing, because it's complex but pay what you want entertainment works quite well so people are willing to support when they don't have to. also people create plenty of FOSS and creative commons software, so the incentives to create don't have to be monetary and the incentives to support don't have to be legal

plus... does anyone except the rich celebrities really think they're worth as much as they make? they could afford to have a bit less anyway ;) and they'd still keep creating

Ah... You miss an important point. There doesn't need to be an incentive to create anything. Creation is the reward. Creative minds will create no matter what.

The trick is to create a society where creators get fed, and that still remains compatible with capitalism because we are in love with capitalism.

Just to add, this is the creator's side. You can imagine a consumer side where everyone decides to put in X dollars like public radio, but watch their donation get equally distributed based on the content they consume. For both sides, the idea is to remove the profit motive from the platform itself, make it as automated and hands free as possible, make it fair, make it as open and data driven as possible, and to let creators focus on creating and nothing else.

And maybe just anyone who wants to join is good enough. By joining, creators will get paid automatically just by publishing content that generates income for themselves or anyone else.

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