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That'd be a great list! I guess this depends on multiple factors like how many employees you have, how many investors, etc.

I've heard that for pre-funded DE corporations you can basically ask your registered agent to formally "resign" as your agent and then the corporation is orphaned. The proper way involves filing paperwork to dissolve the entity along with paying some filing fees.

What's the difference between a orphaned corporation and a dissolve corporation? Will Delaware still come after you for the annual $350 franchise tax if your corporation is orphaned?

That might work with some registered agents, but it won't with Incorp - they will require you to either have a new registered agent in place, or you need to dissolve your company.

My experience with InCorp was exactly as described earlier. They resigned and that was that.

Good to hear... we repeatedly ran into this issue with them over the course of several years. I can't tell you how many times we argued with them over this. But it sounds like they may have reformed their ways!

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