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Yes, I was awarded 1st place 3 editions back in SpaceApps. I have no idea if 2 seconds = 1 first for the relevant administration though.

Without knowing more, it sounds like you would have a strong O1 or EB1A application.

Thanks. Right now I'm working as a freelancer doing things I love though for a USA company. So maybe 6-12 months later I'll try to get a fulltime job and Visa, but right now I'm not so interested. I'll also save this thread in favorites, thank you.

Hi, I took a look at your site and the NASA Space Apps site. You have some very impressive accomplishments. I agree with Peter that you are well on your way to an O-1.

The NASA award is definitely strong enough to build a case around, if you file in the next year or two, so that the evidence is not stale.

The Makers UPV website is very cool. With proper documentation it could be counted as an "original contribution of major significance." It would be good to start collecting specific examples of its impact on the field, how it's helped people, and what it has created, that was not there before.

In general, other student-level accomplishments aren't considered O-1 caliber. Phi Beta Kappa, academic awards, student papers, etc. are considered by USCIS to be at a preparatory or entry level. They are best omitted, as they will weaken your case and make you look small.

Instead, I would focus on your substantive accomplishments - things that you have made, and how they have helped people, or made an impact on the world.

Also consider seeking some media coverage for your stuff in tech publications or general-interest media.

Write some papers, or do some podcasts or videos, that showcase your work and show its practical applications.

BY FAR the biggest O-1 challenge faced by makers, engineers, and developers, is explaining what you did, and why it's cool, in language that a 7-year-old can grasp and understand right away.

When your O-1 application hits the adjudicator's desk, you will have 5 to 15 minutes to make your case. He doesn't have a clue about JS or Angular. It's very difficult to explain why your work is new and different and cutting-edge, when you have such a limited window to explain it. Yet that - plus your evidence - is THE key to O-1 success.

My best advice: Practice on your grandma. Or your artist friend. Or your GF. Explain it, and explain it, and explain it again. Just bore the crap out of them, until they finally say, OH, I get it! That's so cool!

TL;DR, but hope you can use this in the future. Best of luck.

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