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devRant (devrant.io)
51 points by sandebert on June 7, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

So this Website is nothing but a link to Google Play? The description there isn't very descriptive and the screenshots are just thumbnails that only let you guess the layout of the app. Since I don't have Google Play installed, I can't figure out what it is.


Opening the site with a Desktop User-Agent I now see it seems to be a Twitter-like thing that can be used through a (Desktop) browser just fine. Providing an app for that is okay, but why force people to use that app? Many websites already annoy you with a big cover asking you to install their app where you have to click a tiny little x to actually use the website. That's already bad UX, but why on earth would you not allow me to use the site with my Phone's browser at all? I'm now in a situation where I either need to install an App through Google's Play Store (which I can't), or switch my browser to Desktop mode and enjoy zooming and sideways scrolling (which I won't). That is just a horrible thing to do and people seriously need to stop doing it.

[Feel free to submit this to devrant.io]

Other than that, it seems like a fun site (although a couple subreddits might cover it as well).

Right now the feed is only available on desktop web and in both the Android and iOS app.

Cool, just installed it. Reminds me of bash.org, is devRant inspired on it? Those were the days... ;)

Smiled at a few things, but the whole 'feed' thing is a major turn-off. It's like eating cake with a straw. I'll stick to reddit and xkcd when I need a laugh.

You shouldn't clip the images (or at least not without some visual cue like fading), especially on a programming-related site where there's bond to be a lot of pictures of code and other text. This post: https://www.devrant.io/rants/59289 which is currently on the front page is a good example of why, it took me a while to figure out I was missing something.

Yep! I was wondering what was going on. Then I clicked on it and was immediately presented with a pop up modal over the image. It only took two page views to add that site to my Javascript blacklist.

There is also the problem when the image is squashed. It requires clicking on the image, which loads a new page with the image still squashed, and then clicking the image again to get it in a new tab.

Initial thought after installing: I'd love to see a SSO with Google/GitHub etc. Creating accounts is so 2012 ;)

And what are you going to do when that third party (Google/Github/whatever) goes out of business? Still so 2012?

I'm then going to switch to another SSO devRant will be offering after one service shut down.

It reminds me http://codecrap.com/

Also - is it like this app is more like a reddit channel? (Or is there some more added value?)

Is there an RSS feed? The feed link doesn't seem to do anything.

Are you using Ghostery, uBlock, or something similar? One of those may be blocking sideloading of content.

uBlock, but I turned it off with the same result. I'm not sure real sure why someone would side load and RSS feed.

Cool app!

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