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Hi dakami,

I think that SourceLair (https://www.sourcelair.com) could fit your needs.

It let's you work on Node.js web applications in your browser and write both client side (including React JSX) and server side JavaScript.

You also get an HTTPS public URL (subdomain) that works out of the box with Node.js, while it integrates with Git and GitHub in order to collaborate and lets you deploy your projects to Heroku with a single click.

You can try it out for free at https://www.sourcelair.com.

Disclaimer: I am one of the people who co-founded and built SourceLair.

I'm one of those who won't sign up to try something. Let me try without any friction. If I like it, I'll sign up to try more advanced features and if those fit my needs I'll probably purchase. If I sign up to try and it doesn't seem to be what was promised, it just feels like you are collecting my email.

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