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Beautiful sci-fi GIFs (carlburton.tumblr.com)
182 points by kevindeasis on May 13, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 32 comments

Reminds me of Mark Ferrari's 8-bit palette shifting animations: http://www.effectgames.com/demos/canvascycle/

Made me think of the classic game "Another World". Similar aesthetics - minimalist, but very atmospheric

Beautiful! GIFs really are a medium of their own.

Can anyone recommend other artists working with GIFs like this? I can recommend Davidope [0] and Bees & Bombs [1] for their work. Trippy and geometric :)

[0] http://dvdp.tumblr.com/

[1] http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/

Japanese Pixel Art GIFs http://1041uuu.tumblr.com/

Somehow these little clips of everyday life convey a massive amount of atmosphere.

They're not really GIFs, but Alex Andreev has been remaking his image art into animations set to music: http://coub.com/hermetic.art

Many of these appeared in Margaret Atwood's piece "It's Not Climate Change -- It's Everything Change." https://medium.com/matter/it-s-not-climate-change-it-s-every... (2015)

Very nice visuals, but I wouldn't advise loading the page in a low spec PC with a slow internet connection. It should be considered a browser benchmark :-)

I'd love to have such wallpapers on my laptop. But I haven't found a good way to do so.

Ironically this was trivial in windows xp, but they took the ability out.

I think it was Vista that had the dreamscenes.

95 through XP had active desktop.

Now that you've mentioned it. That would actually be phenomenal. My background would absolutely look nicer with these GIFs

In the past on os x I've converted them to a movie and used SaveHollywood[1] to make them into a screensaver, then used the trick outlined here[2] to make that into the active desktop background. I stopped because it used quite a bit of cpu/battery. I remember doing the same trick on linux many years ago using xwinwrap on gnome.

[1] http://s.sudre.free.fr/Software/SaveHollywood/about.html

[2] https://www.reddit.com/r/osx/comments/43rrf0/pixel_art_gif_a...

For a while I used to run the Helios screensaver as a wallpaper on my desktop:


It runs quite happily on the root window on a multimonitor setup. But I eventually turned it off after deciding that I never saw my wallpaper much anyway, and having flickering things in the corner of the monitor was making me twitchy.

If my iPhone lock screen can use these it will be neat.

Android can do live wallpapers, but they use so much battery that I avoid it.

That would be magical.

Digital Blasphemy has some great work too:


That's quite a blast from the past! I was totally into Digital Blasphemy wallpapers back in 90's, didn't know there are still new ones being created.

These are lovely, and made me think of another Tumblr with beautiful animated GIFs (one for the cinema lovers out there): http://iwdrm.tumblr.com/

Sci-fi? A bunch of these are just from the latest season of Serial.

It looks like the artist's Tumblr, with the GIFs attributed to him. There's a note on the 2nd or 3rd post that, up top, is a collection of work he did for Serial Season 2.

Which Serial?

This is verry funny!! http://nodejsreactions.tumblr.com

Almost all these look monochrome. It gives me the feeling of reading 3D graphics tutorials before the textures are applied.

The whole blog of his is full of beauty- this dystopian surrealism in love with the alien that made HalfLife2 great.

What software is he using?

also check out: beeple, gmunk, andy gilmore

Very beautiful

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