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Bait & switch. Apple wanted these technologies to be adopted and define what a modern SmartPhone is. Now that it's established it's very unlikely HTC or anyone else will ditch these technologies. Easier to just pay Apple some royalties. Even if they do design around Apple patents there are millions of these phones out there already to ensure a good settlement for Apple and it will put their competition at a disadvantage. This is of course assuming Apple wins.

HTC was probably a target due to their relationship with Google and strong support of Android. HTC relies on Android for the bulk of their handsets these days so they might be more likely to reach a deal with Apple. Moto only has a couple Android handsets and likely has their own patent war chest to fight back with. Palm isn't selling enough handsets to be a good target at this point. They'll probably fall into line if HTC loses. (or they'll be out of business)

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