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The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever (wikipedia.org)
25 points by nreece on Feb 13, 2008 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Along the same lines, I read somewhere you can basically shut down an entire IT department for a couple of days by handing out rubik's cubes to everyone.

Make sure that they're shuffled first. Solving it will be a compulsion for some geeks.

Maybe just peel the stickers off and put them back so that it's not possible to solve. Should keep most people busy longer.

+1 for Raymond Smullyan's books. Lots of fun.

I would ask each of them "are you lieing?". Then, when their heads have exploded, they could all be identified as "dead gods".

My head hurts now. I should have prepared for this with more sleep.

Aha! The problem is unsolvable.

I thought they showed the solution (besides the exploding head question) in the wiki .. ?

Unsolvable by me.

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