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413 points by JasonNils on Apr 18, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 61 comments

I know we're supposed to be focused on the end-result, but I'm really just in awe of the code. Everything is so incredibly well documented, tested, and structured. I already see a few things I want to borrow... will definitely be coming back to this project for ideas.

This guy started committing for this project back in November of this year [1]. This was a true labor of love if I ever saw one.

[1]: https://github.com/donnemartin/haxor-news/commits/master?pag...

>back in November of this year

Teach me your ways.

Darn that one slipped. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about the time machine.

Why labor of love?

I second this. I recently made a simple command line tool for my coworkers using several of the same libraries used here, but this is so much cleaner and better organized than what I threw together. Definitely will be reviewing this codebase for inspiration when I get a chance to refactor.

Came here to say this. The README.md alone is one of the most amazing piece of documentation I've ever been given to read. Kudos for this!

The autocompleter feature looks neat, it's built on top of python-prompt-toolkit [0].

[0] https://github.com/jonathanslenders/python-prompt-toolkit

Does anyone know if something like this exists for other languages as well? Ruby, nodejs?

Have a look at Vorpal JS


The vorpal object emits Inquirer[1] and Chalk[2]

[1] https://github.com/SBoudrias/Inquirer.js/

[2] https://github.com/chalk/chalk

I just installed this because the autocomplete looked cool in the screenshots and wanted to check it out live. I wish we could have this in fish shell.

Cool, just about to ask that.

So neat, good to know.

very cool. love the interaction. laughing at the quote.

Coworker who sees me staring intently at a command prompt: Backs away, slowly...

Haha...right there. He's just gotta back away, no matter what's on cmd.

Of course, you could also just open the developer console of your browser.

By the way, didn't we have a "boss key" for situations like this?

Doesn't work when you're in an Open Space, your back facing the corridor. Grr… I'm glad I don't play poker, I'd be shot long ago.

Doesn't your boss have a remote desktop viewer?

What? Like they look at your session while your logged in? Ha Ha fuck that shit. When do they have time to hand out hall passes?

No my boss doesn't have a remote desktop client. The default install blocks the port inbound. If you need IT help you walk your ass down to IT. If your boss needs to see what you are doing, HR and Legal talk it over then take your laptop and send you home then send the machine to a real forensic examiner who will preserve chain of custody and not miss anything.

Boss snooping is just bad for everyone. If you're not getting your work done that should be all the evidence she needs to help or fire you.

That's a real rosy outlook you have there. Here's the real scenario: Boss walks to your cube with or without HR/Legal/Security/IT personnel and says "We need to look at your computer for a moment. Step aside."

Unless you're doing anything illegal enough to get the feds or local government on you, they're going to take a look right there.

>That's a real rosy outlook you have there.

What do you mean? I don't want to work for someone who micro manages to that level. ie checking if you're on hacker news. I've walked out of jobs on my first day because their computer use policy was so petty I didn't want to deal with it. I've quit jobs because I was asked to put facebook firewall rules in and such. Not my problem and I don't want to work for you if that's the deal (I don't even have a facebook). I've also left/refused to give packet/connection logs by employee (all employees) to people. It's lazy management and the number of daily connections to facebook doesn't really have any bearing on who get's what done. You're welcome to do that if you like but I won't help. It's just lazy, if people aren't doing what they should be then bring it up with them not me.

> Boss walks to your cube with or without HR/Legal/Security/IT personnel and says "We need to look at your computer for a moment. Step aside."

Sure, but that's much closer to the scenario that I mentioned where it's an event not just passive eves-dropping. Not every company has a big legal/hr team to do that shit but that kind of thing generally takes a real reason, and it's a lot more conspicuous than just firing up a vnc client to check on you.

>Unless you're doing anything illegal enough to get the feds or local government on you, they're going to take a look right there.

Unless it's illegal, which includes the nda and basic employment contract, they shouldn't dig through your laptop anyway.

Where do you work that someone has the time to actively monitor user sessions to see what they are up to? Sounds like daycare.

This is a refreshing alternative to existing tools like my long-time favourite pyhn [1] as well as the newly-announced go-hn [2].

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5013321

[2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11479014

Really wish the HN-API supported pushing data to HN. Has this ever been offically addressed and if so where?

Ive been using http://hckrnews.com since it's launch long ago. If I go on vacation, and come back, simply filter for top 10, or, if I have loads of time look top 50%. It's great!

this is why I'm a big fan of the command line browser lynx. This is a bit of an improvement over my usual lynx https://news.ycombinator.com (aliased to lynxhn), but not sure it's worth it to add a one-off when my current tool is so flexible. I frequently use lynx to browse not only HN but also reddit, wikipedia and even do google searches.

It's just so neat and considering I usually have too many browser tabs open and still want to have hn open without having more tabs. Loving it

This is amazing. Also love the syntax color scheme

great documentation .. plus a very good reference for using Hackernews API .. great job

It's... Gopher for HN?

Now there's a good idea. I might add a HN gateway to my Gopher server.

Oh boy - if you do, then please post to HN itself!

I have recently written a 'modern' Gopher client and server for Windows. They are going through final testing at the moment, before I release them out into the world:


Oh boy... post it on HN when you are done with it also :-)

I'd love to see Gopher come back again.

I already use w3m to read hacker news most of the time anyways.

I use emacs' built-in browser (eww) when I want to procrastinate in peace.

Very neat, but am I missing something obvious... I can get the top 10, but how can I page through posts?

I often find that if I've been away from HN for a day or two that there's interesting stuff way down the list.

I thought we resolved this with hackernews.el - why would you read hackernews with anything but Emacs?


Because emacs?

The author's GitHub graph is pretty epic... Not to mention his 495 day commit streak.

This is very cool, but even with the cli it still looks unmistakably like web content.

There should be different obfuscation modes to disguise the content for your relevant work environment.

Very cool, but why not use lynx?

Why not use cURL? This is a novelty! It's fun, it's a neat project to build something while likely learning something new.

Or links2.

Or a web browser?


"Coworker who sees me looking at something in a browser: "Glad you're not busy; I need you to do this, this, this..."

Coworker who sees me staring intently at a command prompt: Backs away, slowly..."

First 2 lines of the text behind the link.

I would like to use this but until you can comment and vote it is of limited value.

I really like the user interface for this (color-coding and auto-complete are nice). I'm also trying out w3m.. which seems a bit more usable thank I found `links` previously.

lynx also does the job

I was just going to say this but add w3m. If anyone hasn't tried w3m for this purpose they should give it a 30 minute trial run.

Also this has the same issue of not being able to vote or comment like many other Hacker News Apps.

Wow, this is actually very useable. It's actually super nice that it automatically uses my default editor for writing into textareas. Yay, using vim to comment on HN.

EDIT: For anyone else that wants to try this, it seems you need to open it with `w3m -cookie news.ycombinator.com` to be able to stay logged-in.

Also, as far as I know eww is now the main emacs ecosystem web browser. Works just as well as w3m and lynx do for me.

Amazing readme. This project is so well documented.

Very nice theme.

What is Haxor?

From https://github.com/donnemartin/haxor-news/blob/master/haxor_...

  Unofficial Python wrapper for official Hacker News API

Ah, thanks @ngzhian.

It's pronounced `hax0r`

It's spelled 'spelled'.

test  comment

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