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It's more like the young man telling the beggar that he can come cut the wood from his land for free. Then one day the young man stops letting the beggar cut his wood for free. He's not taking back the wood that's already been cut. The problem is if the beggar wasted the wood he did take, and took for granted the assumption that he would always be able to get more.

Relying on something continuing to exist on the internet, without making your own backups of it, and you're going to have a bad time.

Interesting, but there is also the broken builds issue. 100% agree with your last sentence though.

Your builds are broken because your build process made the false assumption that you could always get another piece of wood. You could have used the first piece of wood you were given for your build over and over, but you chose to essentially toss out the piece of wood every time your build finished.

Despite your username, you're not a douche for pointing this out

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