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Scorebook Live | San Diego, CA | Full-time (onsite or REMOTE ok) - http://scorebooklive.com

Are you passionate about sports and technology?

With Scorebook Live, real time scores, detailed stats and game recaps are no longer limited to the pros. Our iPad app takes the place of the traditional paper scorebook and broadcasts game data in real time to fans across the web. Fans can follow all their favorite teams whether it's the local high school or their own personal rec league team.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help build out our the next generation of our backend infrastructure and a Senior iOS Engineer to take over development of our iOS App.

You will be working directly with the CTO as our first full time engineering hires. This is a great opportunity to shape the future of our technical architecture as well as help shape the makeup of the engineering team.

We are well funded and located in sunny San Diego. We can offer a lot of freedom to the right candidates. Our current stack is iOS + PHP + Rails + Backbone on AWS.

If this sounds exciting, shoot us a note with your resume (or a link to your linkedin, github, etc) to careers@scorebooklive.com

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