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Cambridge/Boston, MA | Full-time | Onsite

The Harvard Library Innovation Lab is looking for a DevOps engineer. We’re a scrappy, nonprofit startup shop hiding inside the world’s largest academic law library. We need a smart, creative engineer to help our web projects scale from tiny experiments to high availability public services. We also have lots of unusual, one-off infrastructure problems that need creative thinking, whether it's remote processing of terabytes of scanned images, deploying distributed server appliances to libraries, or extracting IP addresses from petabyte-scale web snapshots.

You will work in a small, self-directed team, on projects that explore the future of libraries, law, and the open web.

Read more about us and who we're looking for here: http://librarylab.law.harvard.edu/jobs

Interesting! Some questions:

* Is the role more geared towards development or operations?

* You say that there are three "high-profile" projects: at what frequency do projects hit scale and over what time duration?

* Do these projects fund themselves or will infrastructure costs come from Harvard?

Thanks for your questions!

- The job is currently loosely defined — we have projects that are hitting higher scale and others that are much smaller. Various jobs have different needs.

- We tend to have a couple of major projects and a few minor projects moving at once (some of our projects start as small personal explorations), but one project usually hits scale once a year.

- Every project has its own model, some rely on internal funding, some on grants, some on private partnerships.

Hope this answered your questions! If you have more please write to us here: lil@law.harvard.edu

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