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At the moment I'm using loadCSS (https://github.com/filamentgroup/loadCSS) to render local fonts on my projects. I wonder how difficult would be to create a subset of the font to load first, and then switch it for the full family once the site is loaded (as the article suggests).

What is the best font-loading strategy today?

>What is the best font-loading strategy today?

As a website visitor, I'd prefer sites stuck with the bloody built-in fonts. Can be get some kind of project to increase the standard, cross-platform fonts available in all platforms/browsers to 30-50 from the ~10 that they are now?

I use the extension Stylish on Chromium to change all the fonts on all websites. I don't have that computer with me, but it's something like:

* { font-family: "Myriad Pro" !important; } code, pre {font-family: "Inconsolata" !important; }

I do this because the fonts on my Linux box either render strangely or are downright ugly, especially ones loaded from some other website (I consider myself a designer before a UNIX geek).

You can do this natively on Firefox though, and Firefox is much better at it. With Firefox on OS X I use either Charter or Iowan Old Style for serif, Adelle Sans for sans-serif, and Monaco for monospace.

> fonts on my Linux box either render strangely or are downright ugly

The "fc-match" command can be used with font-family name to figure out what fallback font your system is selecting by default. There is also a "fonts.conf" file in which you can specify your preferred fallback.


Cheers! I've used Linux on servers for years, but this is my first serious foray into GUI Linux, so a lot of this stuff is completely foreign to me.

>the fonts on my Linux box either render strangely or are downright ugly

Out of curiosity, which distro are you using? It sounds like there are missing fonts and your system is falling back to some really bad fonts in their place. The fix may be just installing a couple packages with more fonts.

You can set unicode ranges for custom fonts [1], to e.g. only load the basic range initially.

[1]: https://developer.mozilla.org/de/docs/Web/CSS/@font-face/uni...

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