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I have a proposal. I'll give all the transactional email competitors (mailgun, postmark, sparkpost, etc) a week to get their shit together and come up with a migration proposal for all of us moving away from Mandrill. I'm sure they're scrambling around trying to figure out how to take advantage of this ridiculous situation, and I bet a bunch of them are on HN. So how about this:

1. Any HN user trying to figure out what to do next, leave me your email on this Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16wrzK3srobnRKXzbhpsftCvmhgf...

2. Any transactional email provider, write a blog post or something with how to migrate to your platform. Include differences vs. Mandrill with regard to pricing, API, DNS, etc and anything else you can think of to ease our transition - maybe promise of an upcoming Mandrill template importer, coupon to price-match, etc. Email me the link (contact info in HN profile)

3. In one week (Thursday, March 3, 1200 UTC), I'll email everyone in (1) the responses I get from (2)

I promise not to spam people who leave their email address and will only ever send just the single email next week, and then delete the Google Form and its responses. Check my HN history, I'm just a developer trying to figure out what to do now. My hope is that enough hot leads in one place will be incentive enough for the various competitors to spend a bit of time writing a detailed migration plan (which would help me!), and they probably can't make a good one while this thread is still on the front page.

Hey folks! I'm actually one of our support engineers for our on-prem biz unit, however I came across this post and wanted to post a quick ack on it. Our SP team is working hard on a focused response to the ticket you sent in. In the mean time, we have a blog post that touches specifically on Sparkpost as an alternative to Mandrill, following their announcement:


In addition, as mentioned by meirelles a few hours ago, the free tier has been raised from 10k/month to 100k as part of a pricing adjustment which was planned prior to yesterday's events.

So stay tuned for more info!


Quick update, if you prefer to have more of a conversation than Tweeting @sparkpost allows, we do have a Slack channel available here:


Hi this is Joshua Perina, CEO of Elastic Email.

http://elasticemail.com has a very simliar pricing structure to Mandrill (their old pricing) including 25000 emails per month free.

We've been around since 2010, are growing fast and have sent billions of emails. Plus, we love our customers.

Mandrill refugees are welcome!

We are using actually on my company Mandrill and Elastic Email and, given this mandrill change, are migrating from both services to a new one.

Elastic Email has been buggy for us since day one. The whole hooks system is very buggy and has cause serious damage to our image with some clients.

I think if you're Amazon you can get away with barebones web design.

But for a service like yours, I need a lot more oompf in your documentation, sales pitch, or UX to know that it's not a thin layer of SES.

wasn't able to figure out where your company is based anywhere on your site or linked social-profiles.

Hey, I wrote a quick module / class for Rails for Mandrill Users trying to go to SendGrid using their SMTP API module. It's far from perfect or done, but it's something to get going...


Hey! Meet the new player: Maildocke. The platform isit´s different from the others because it automates your emails based on the user’s behavior and it’s able to customize your emails and use of what we call docklets, where you can organize every email in a completely independent way and with specific functions: http://maildocker.com/blog/maildocker-the-best-free-alternat...

Make sure you take a look at Mailjet and SendinBlue as well, they are some big french players.

Here are some others : http://www.codeinwp.com/blog/mandrill-alternatives/

This is a phenomenal idea, thanks for doing this.

Maybe we could even band together and get a preferred negotiated rate Groupon-style if enough of us migrate simultaneously.

If you don't mind sharing, include the number of responses you got in your email. I'm curious. Thank you for organizing.

I've got 60 so far. Unfortunately came to this thread late, so I'm not how much longer it will have traffic.

Haven't heard from any ESPs yet, but will reach out to them tomorrow.

Hi - Eric from SendGrid here. Our CEO Sameer just greenlit a 10% discount for former Mandrill customers. We're working on a set of tools for automatic migration - but we wanted to get a prompt response out too:


Straight to the discount: https://go.sendgrid.com/switch.html

Hi Eric.

We used sendgrid in the past and had a great experience. If we were sending less than 100k per month we would switch to Sendgrid in a heartbeat.

But (maybe i am understanding them wrong) your pricing tiers for higher levels doesn't make sense to me.

We send around 300k emails and it would be much more expensive.

Care to at least try and explain that ? (I hope that u ll say something like no you are reading this wrong)

have you sent the email? beacuse i can't find it. maybe it was filtered as spam

Apparently after Mandrill announcement, the SparkPost raised the free tier to 100K/month (from 10K). Pretty generous limit. They have a very good reputation.


Maildocker seems to be the most complete transactional email platform at this time. Some of our features: Digital Signature + Email Tracking + Customizable IP Pools + Customizable Independent Servers( docklets ), Sandbox, among others. 10k free in maildocker.com. Try!

Thanks for sending that through - some very useful information in there. Appreciate it.

Thant's a great thing to do, Gabe! What email service are you going to use? :)

PS: Subscribed!

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