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> Face it, most of the American public, except maybe the Millenials and Gen-Z, love the idea of having the government spy on them all the time "for their safety".

John Oliver did a show on this. It isn't that they are in favor of it, it is that they don't understand the implications. They think the spying is limited to just terrorist, not realizing that everything they do is being spied on.

That was a great episode - no one cared about Snowden or privacy until he explained to them that it meant government officials could see every dick picture they had sent or received.

Does anyone have a link to that episode?


I assume this is the same episode everyone was talking about but it's the Snowden one and the street interviews are pretty sad (as they always are).

Yeah, this.

My feeling is that most people would be against mass surevillance and anti-encryption posturing if they truly understood what was happening and what the imnplications were.

Unfortunately most people do not have a reason to learn about basic infosec during their daily lives and remain blissfully ignorant about it.

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