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The more cynical view is that the government perpetrates the attack to provide the opportunity, ala 9/11 conspiracy theories.

I don't subscribe to that view. There is enough misery in the world that you can always find a suitable event without having to concoct your own. All it takes is the press to magnify an event out of proportion and voila: instant crisis.

Is the distinction between conspiracy and symbiosis really that significant?

That's food for thought. Gut feeling: yes, ability to articulate: none. So I could be wrong on that because I have no data to support it. At a minimum it implies a harder problem to do a roll-back (if conspiracy were detected a roll-back would be easier). So I do think there are differences that are significant.

If one believes in democratic change, then I suppose that yes, exposing the conspiracy would cause it to be eradicated. So in effect, characterizing something as a conspiracy is perhaps taking an easy way out. Less easy than the simplistic "us vs them" narrative, but a shortcut nonetheless.

I'm just sympathetic to the viewpoint because it feels as if it is at least coming from the right place, especially as the damage from the attack is purposely amplified by the government organ of mainstream media.

There absolutely is a mutually beneficial interchange between 'terrorists', 'the media' and 'authorities'. Each gets something out of the others existence and would have a much harder time getting their advantages without this assistance. That's also why this whole cycle is so hard to break.

For contrast: during war time there is a blanket ban on reporting 'bad news', successful attacks on ones own troops by the opponent because that is demoralizing or something to that effect. But if it really were demoralizing how come during peace time we amplify attacks way out of proportion? You'd expect that if the media being told to shut their traps would be to the advantage of those governing that this would be a fairly small thing to arrange. Instead we have the opposite, every instance of an individual event gets blown way out of proportion to push those buttons of powerful emotions.

There is enough evidence that, while not directly performing attacks, they have considered doing such and engage in behaviors that encourage such attacks. For example, look at the FBI radicalizing individuals and convince them to carry out attacks. Even though the FBI works to make the actual attack a fake, they have created a dangerous individual who may switch to carrying out an attack. And this isn't even considering the things the CIA has done. I see no reason why the US would be alone in these horrors.

That's entrapment, bad enough in and of itself but not the same as a conspiracy. Entrapment is a very dangerous strategy for many reasons.

No, that's the insane view.

Why? Pseudo-Operations are a thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_Flag#Pseudo-operations

>Similar false flag tactics were also employed during the Algerian civil war, starting in the middle of 1994. Death squads composed of Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité (DRS) security forces disguised themselves as Islamist terrorists and committed false flag terror attacks.

God, I can't wait until you find out about Operation Gladio...

Conspiracy theories are comforting, in a way, because they project the belief that somebody is in control. The truth is far more terrifying: no one is in control.

Not sure what your point is? Are you saying what I quoted (or Operation Gladio for that matter) is just a conspiracy theory?

His point is that even though false flag operations are a thing there is no evidence that these are false flag operations. The simplest explanation is that what you're looking at is real, any conspiracy theory would require an enormous departure from the facts as we know them today.

The second part of his point is that by positing a conspiracy theory you are presenting a view that there is an overarching plan to all this, whereas the reality is more like a bunch of headless chickens trying to run in three directions at once.

I do not know if it is insane in general, but in the case of french political responsible, I would not bet on conspiracy theories: most of their acts seem to exhibit a complete lack of anticipation.

As is a lot of the proven things involving the FBI and CIA.

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