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Do you have anything against Spaniards?

I have seen lot of Spaniards applying to YC and they got rejected/ignored with awesome projects.

Do you even read all applications? Posted applications with all urls tracked and we saw 0 clicks... How can you judge our product without testing it? Did you even watched our pitch?

But in the other hand, I saw a lot of stupid companies backed by YC (Uber for X, Airbnb for X, Tinder for X, Y for X startups) I don't mind about it, it's your money, just asking for solid reasons.

This is going to blacklist me for YC but I don't care.

Kind regards, Alex.

a) Definitely not.

b) It's possible if something was deeply wrong in an application we wouldn't even watch the video, but the counts never seem to work. Sometimes if an application is clearly a no after watching the video and reading the text, we don't look at the product, but it's rare.

c) Barcelona is my favorite city!

Nice to hear that, we'll keep trying.

You are welcomed in Spain :)

If your application came across at all like your post, it's pretty clear why it wasn't strongly considered.

Beetailer and Bitnami went through Y Combinator. They are both companies with Spanish founders.

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