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I love DDG's bangs and instant answers. Do you have any statistics on their usage? Like counts of how many times a bang or an instant answer was used?

And will Dax play a bigger role in the future, in branding to give more personality? It wasn't easy finding the name of the duck I see daily. (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=name+of+the+duckduckgo+duck)

Thanks! We are working on something that could tell the platform (duck.co) how much each instant answer is being used. Now each answer has a page (at http://duck.co/ia). Bangs are a bit different but we're working on open sourcing that too.

Dax, yes! We're going through internal branding strategy right now and your comment is very welcome in that context.

Instant answers are brilliant, and the community contributions really flesh it out. The text even changes color with the theme. I'm wondering if something like this could be ported to JavaScript and made available in NPM or Bower.

Thanks for your answers, and for DDG! Waiting to see more of Dax and other improvements. The DuckDuckHack documentation looks better now so I will try making an instant answer for Dax's name.

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