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Was this book updated for the Oct 2015 release? Or is this more or less the same as the book you asked when you originally solicited feedback?

Major update, though the overall messaging is the same. It is a much more high-quality book. The first one was self-published and this one is published by Penguin Random House. So the first thing is it re-edited all the way through. We ended up cutting out about 50 pages, even though we added a couple of sections.

Second, the sections we added were a preface about my struggles with getting traction and a testing addendum giving 1-3 suggestions of how to test each of the nineteen channels (something people continually requested).

Third and finally, I really focused on rewriting the five introductory chapters to focus on things I saw readers of the first edition struggle with. We simplified the framework from 5 to 3 steps, and tried to shed light on the more non-intuitive aspects (like don't prematurely optimize marketing tests, etc.).

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