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For me the main way in which FogBugz has "lost" is that they silently discontinued the "FogBugz for your Server" version. The plugin system was great and we have our own installation on our own systems (no cloud allowed). With the "performance upgrade" they seem to have forked FogBugz, thrown out all the plugins, Lucene search and redid the GUI. And stopped updates for the server version:


And now just recently there was a little bit of activity, like that they now offer a VM of some kind with the new version. But I think we can't use that because it is the expensive, unlimited user license and they must install it somehow and plugins would still be gone, which we depend on.

And for all of this there is little to no communication.

The stop of "Kiln for your Server" was also done extremely quitely.

Here is the FAQ which outlines that plugins and the old FogBugz for your server has been discontinued:


Very sad

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