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I remember running across a Turing machine emulator implemented in TECO in Minsky's home directory that I'd REALLY love to get ahold of.

Ask and yea shall receive:

  MSG: APL    1     
  EXPIRES: 03/17/81 23:08:54
  MINSKY@MIT-MC 03/11/81 23:08:54 Re: too-short programs
  APL is compact, I suppose.  So is TECO.  When I wrote the following
  Universal Turing Machine, which works, I actually understood it.
[ I've interpolated the non-printing characters as displayed by (Gnu) EMACS, escape is ^], ^^ is one character, as is \356: ]

  i1Aul qq+^^0:iqm^[29iiq\356y0L1 00L1 11L2 A1L1
  y0L1 0yR2 1AR2 AyR6 yyL3 00L0 1AL3 A1L4 yyL4 0yR5 11L7 A1L4
  yyR5 0yL3 1AR5 A1R5 yyR6 0AL3 1AR6 A1R6 y0R7 0yR6 11R7 A0R2
  iyyAyyAyy^[32<i0^[>ji110101110000010011011^[ 1uq<htmbqq=>

  I do not advise attempting to understand this code, which is
  almost as bad as that for the Universal Turing machine.
ADDED: or http://ancell-ent.com/share/minsky-TECO-turing-machine.txt

Please ack receipt of this and/or send me email (in my HN info); for others, note this is ITS TECO, which I was told was by far the most powerful version of it (fortunately, by the time I showed up learning it was no longer really necessary).

OOP ACK! It was a shot in the dark, but I am SO GLAD I asked!!! Thank you Harold!

It looks just like I remember. ;)

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