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StartupTimelines.org | Toronto/Waterloo/Guelph, Canada | Founding Engineer | http://www.startuptimelines.org/

Startup Timelines shows how the homepages of famous startups have changed over time.

Since three months ago, when Startup Timelines was launched, it has seen:

- 66,000 pageviews

- 34,000 user visits

- ~ 2,000-3,000+ shares on social media

It was also featured on TechCrunch, T3n, Hacker News, and Product Hunt.

We're looking for a talented full-stack engineer to help us build out the product more. We are really, really focused right now on getting the product just right. Our stack is made up Flask (Python), HTML/CSS, MySql, and AWS + Heroku + Linode.

Sorry, but there is no salary at the moment. However, we're working on scraping together some kind of an honorarium to reward hard work and real talent. Check out the job description below to read some of the interesting and unique problems we are currently working on solving. This includes building out a tracking engine as well as creating a dashboard for integrations to help onboard new users.

Find out more: bakz@bakzdesign.com http://betakit.com/job/founding-engineer/

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