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"... the site I just showed you will help Chrysler sell cars, because it distributes information to customers far better than Chrysler’s dealers can."

almost 20 years later, and nothing has changed. I'm trying to buy a specific car, and the Internet knows everything, dealers know nothing. The salespeople and dealers know less about the cars on their lots than the consumers do.

The consumers know about new models before they're even announced; dealers don't know about them until they show up. Dealers can't tell you when a certain car will be built or shipped, you're lucky if they can even tell you when it arrives at port and is on a train or truck destined for their dealership.

I'm spending a lot of time online where "insiders" sneak information about production numbers and ship dates and tracking and so on, and the "official" channels are utterly worthless.

It's amazing, disastrously bad. And we pay for it. I can't way to see the dealership model die.

You're putting the finger on the problem, this is a motivation problem. Dealers are incentivized to sell not to inform.

Tesla is trying to change that by getting rid of dealerships.

Tesla isn't trying to get rid of dealerships. They're just trying to remove the legal requirement of dealerships for small auto manufacturers.

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