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I haven't played the game and I see the reviews are "mixed" on steam but looking at the video they certainly did an amazing job for such a small team. Of course at the end of the day it has to be a good game but they should still be really proud about how far they got.

I hope they try again and apply whatever lessons they learned


It says they are in bankruptcy and the IP for the game is for sale (no doubt to pay down what they borrowed). Someone else could buy it up and build it, but not them (unless they could come up with cash for their creditors)

Not 100% of it, though. The bankruptcy administrator will try to obtain the best price for the IP; it could well be that the best price is a pittance.

Oh wow, that's an even worse tragedy.

OT: Hey, it's greggman :) Big fan of many of the games you've worked on. Hope you're doing well.

Hey! Of course I would find you commenting on HN! Did you end up finding a place to live or are you coming back to Tokyo :p I ended up going to Singapore and coming back.

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