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Browser Pong (stewdio.org)
160 points by marcusbooster on Dec 18, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments


I'm sure I'm not the first to cheat by enlarging my paddle browser. But strange they didn't make the borders of the popup non-resizable.

I made both tall, but you can still win if you build up enough speed. The collision detection needs to be improved :-)

Whoa! A new revolution in annoying advertisement pop-ups is coming...

Doesn't work at all when using xmonad :)

It did not like dwm either.

Should work with floating windows. Just keep the ALT-key pressed.

Wow, the author's website has some fun stuff on it. Checkout hiding messages in Photoshop histograms: http://stewdio.org/work/histoface/

The thing that most impresses me is that this is the first ball-and-paddle game that I've played with keyboard control that doesn't feel like it gets in your way.

The AI is too hard for me ;) Owned by browser pong (head hung in shame)

I kept losing instantly, took me a bit to remember I have a setting that forces new windows to be new tabs. Needless to say it is very hard to play that way.

waaah sound - you've been warned

"Now give each other a good elbow bump and don't forget to disinfect your keyboards. Tis swine flu season afterall."

Discontinue your use of automatic popups.

Seriously? That's, like, the entire game.

It would be better done with canvas and javascript.

As of right now, it is a poorly done game with an ever expanding popup windows. It is hard to figure out what and where the paddle is. I automatically won 3 points merely being confused.

It is hard to see why the inhabitant of hacker news voted up the story.

It demonstrates a neat effect. I'm sure many people like me soon were right-clicking to inspect the code.


And I'm sure this was done with just our kind of people in mind:


Dear Source-Code-Reader

First of all, thank you for caring. Not that many people view source. One of the beautiful things about JavaScript is that it's necessarily Open-Source. I like that a lot. I hope you find this source code somewhat useful, and not too dirty. Remeber to pay it forward.

Stewart Smith, Stewdio. December 2009.


Well, the source simply being viewable for JavaScript is not the same as all JS being released under an open source license! I guess this is kind of like an open source license, though.

I hope you're joking, but if not... I think this is actually a fantastic example of what it means to hack. It's a very unexpected, humorous example of doing something with technology, that the designers of the technology (I'm pretty sure!) never would have anticipated.

I think you're missing the point. It's a fun hack. It's an off center way of doing something.

This is how new cool stuff gets created. Think outside the box. Think "hah what if we...." etc

Or, as the author says in his 'about' section, think with the box :)

Because it's a neat hack.

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