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Oh The Beauty and Joy of Computing (Berkeley CS Class) (berkeley.edu)
27 points by pchristensen 2718 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

I think this is so important for CS. If I hadn't been exposed to the fun stuff in CS before going to school (to me, that meant graphical applications with pretty pictures), I don't think I'd be drawn to it.

There are so many sides to CS and software development. Just because you can't wrap your head around algorithmic analysis doesn't mean you wouldn't be great at designing UI's and dealing with HCI, for example.

Scratch is an amazing piece of work. It's sad that the license prevents it from ever being part of a default OS install.

we have robo at Bilkent universtiy. it is again a very simple program that can draw shapes with is predefined syntax.

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