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Y Combinator (ycombinator.com)
57 points by pg on Oct 9, 2006 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

"the rising star of venture capital" -unknown VC eating lunch on SHR

Is there anywhere to eat on Sandhill Road?


sequential numbering I must be bored

I guess that news.yc is 1-indexed :)

http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=0 , DNE

Interesting - post 1 has comments. no more comments until post 15. which then has the same conversation between pg and dnom as the first post. To top it off, post 17 is the conversation in posts 1 and 15.

I'm sure the first fifteen were used primarily to populate the burgeoning news.yc

I think those 'items' are comments, not posts.

items: comments || posts... they're also arranged in a hierarchy...

I think I agree?

i hear that there is an awesome easter egg in the -100s somewhere

How many people are lurking on this thread?

it's the new comments page for me...

ditto. (thanks for pointing out posts vs. items.)

So, just to see how hard it is to make the longest span between article and comment :)

Congratulations on your second birthday YC, and thanks to Paul Graham for writing this forum. I had a really good look at the good a few days ago and I was quite impressed with how elegant the whole thing is put together.

Lisp would not be my language of choice for a website like this, and yet, after seeing how concise it was I'm tempted to play around with lisp in a web environment.

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