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All the 'programmer' reasons I've taken a pay cut for a programming job (triplebyte.com)
2 points by danielwbean 3 hours ago | past | discuss
How to evaluate imposter syndrome with data (triplebyte.com)
2 points by danielwbean 6 days ago | past | discuss
How to pick productive coding side projects (triplebyte.com)
4 points by PM007 7 days ago | past | discuss
How I pick coding side projects that keep me motivated to learn (triplebyte.com)
1 point by danielwbean 8 days ago | past | discuss
It can pay to be a job-hopping engineer (triplebyte.com)
2 points by danielwbean 13 days ago | past | discuss
Getting noticed as a remote engineer (triplebyte.com)
107 points by danielwbean 25 days ago | past | 51 comments
Tries, dictionaries, and queues: Applying data structure knowledge on the job (triplebyte.com)
9 points by danielwbean 29 days ago | past
How building community and mentorship can fix diversity in engineering (triplebyte.com)
6 points by danielwbean 31 days ago | past
When cramming does and doesn't help you in a technical interview (triplebyte.com)
3 points by danielwbean 38 days ago | past
How I created my perfect WFH space. (It's about more than just gear.) (triplebyte.com)
2 points by danielwbean 41 days ago | past
What the wrong side of agile looks like (triplebyte.com)
1 point by danielwbean 42 days ago | past
Ask HN: As an engineer, what's your method for pushing back on design? (triplebyte.com)
4 points by danielwbean 49 days ago | past
HN opinion: Stop trying to force Big O into software development (triplebyte.com)
4 points by danielwbean 50 days ago | past | 1 comment
How companies judge your programming language choice in tech interviews (triplebyte.com)
2 points by danielwbean 51 days ago | past
Triplebyte Engineer Genome Project (2016) (triplebyte.com)
2 points by crazypython 57 days ago | past
Pomodor-no! Here's the best time blocking method for engineers (triplebyte.com)
3 points by danielwbean 58 days ago | past
What stumped me during my technical interview marathon month (triplebyte.com)
3 points by danielwbean 63 days ago | past
Next.js and React Bootstrap = micro app magic (triplebyte.com)
1 point by danielwbean 64 days ago | past
A system for charting how “full-stack” you are (triplebyte.com)
9 points by danielwbean 67 days ago | past
[flagged] Learn Big-O and stop hacking your way through algorithms (triplebyte.com)
30 points by danielwbean 72 days ago | past | 38 comments
Tricks for working asynchronously on an engineering team (triplebyte.com)
1 point by danielwbean 75 days ago | past
The hottest language Go-ing needs more engineers (triplebyte.com)
2 points by danielwbean 77 days ago | past
Algorithms and Vaccine Discovery: Computational Immunology (triplebyte.com)
2 points by monalisauzi 82 days ago | past
Racist Robots (triplebyte.com)
1 point by monalisauzi 84 days ago | past
You're doing rubber duck debugging all wrong (triplebyte.com)
14 points by danielwbean 84 days ago | past | 7 comments
How Does Fire Spread? (triplebyte.com)
2 points by monalisauzi 87 days ago | past
Clean code == UX for developers (triplebyte.com)
3 points by danielwbean 87 days ago | past
How Fire Spreads: Mathematical Models and Simulators (triplebyte.com)
2 points by monalisauzi 3 months ago | past
Will Company Cutbacks and the Growth of Remote Affect Engineering Pay? (triplebyte.com)
1 point by alfozan 3 months ago | past
Racist Robots: Auditing AI Systems for Bias (triplebyte.com)
2 points by monalisauzi 3 months ago | past

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