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New Logic Gates Are a Million Times Faster Than Those in Today's Chips (singularityhub.com)
2 points by elorant 1 day ago | past | discuss
The Brain Has a Built-In System to Keep Unwanted Memories Out (singularityhub.com)
1 point by birriel 2 days ago | past | discuss
Algae Powered a Computer for a Year with Just Water and Sunlight (singularityhub.com)
1 point by RafelMri 3 days ago | past | discuss
A portable wind turbine the size of a water bottle (singularityhub.com)
85 points by RafelMri 12 days ago | past | 74 comments
Scientists Used AI to Create an Enzyme That Breaks Down Plastic in a Week (singularityhub.com)
1 point by RafelMri 19 days ago | past
A Hybrid AI Just Beat Eight World Champions at Bridge (singularityhub.com)
1 point by xiaodai 26 days ago | past
There’s Now an Algorithm to Help Workers Avoid Losing Their Jobs (singularityhub.com)
1 point by RafelMri 37 days ago | past
A Startup Is Engineering Trees to Grow Faster and Capture More Carbon (singularityhub.com)
2 points by vitabenes 39 days ago | past
Time Might Not Exist Physicists Say Causation Is the Basic Feature of Our Univer (singularityhub.com)
4 points by RafelMri 40 days ago | past
'Quantum Memristor' Could Enable Brain-Like Quantum Computers (singularityhub.com)
2 points by RafelMri 49 days ago | past
A Hybrid AI Just Beat Eight World Champions at Bridge–and Explained How It Did (singularityhub.com)
8 points by RafelMri 52 days ago | past
Brain Implant Allows Locked-In Man to Translate Thoughts into Written Sentences (singularityhub.com)
1 point by RafelMri 54 days ago | past
Japan Wants to Make Half Its Cargo Ships Autonomous by 2040 (singularityhub.com)
4 points by _Microft 60 days ago | past | 1 comment
The First Deep Geological Nuclear Vault Will Store Radioactive Waste In (singularityhub.com)
1 point by RafelMri 60 days ago | past
Geothermal Plants Could Unlock Vast Supplies of Lithium in the American West (singularityhub.com)
110 points by RafelMri 61 days ago | past | 55 comments
Oxford Researchers Train AI Two Times Faster with a Simple Mathematical Trick (singularityhub.com)
2 points by leirbagarc 63 days ago | past
As Tech Tries to Hack Love, It May Be Killing It Instead (singularityhub.com)
10 points by RafelMri 64 days ago | past | 3 comments
Oxford Researchers Train AI Two Times Faster with a Simple Mathematical Trick (singularityhub.com)
2 points by RafelMri 65 days ago | past
Are NFTs Just a Passing Trend or Here to Stay? Beeple Weighs In (singularityhub.com)
2 points by RafelMri 69 days ago | past
Moore’s Law: Scientists Just Made a Graphene Transistor Gate the Width Of (singularityhub.com)
1 point by RafelMri 74 days ago | past
Moderna will develop mRNA vaccines for some of the world’s worst diseases (singularityhub.com)
218 points by RafelMri 75 days ago | past | 172 comments
AI Can Now Model the Molecular Machines That Govern All Life (singularityhub.com)
1 point by kbruneel 3 months ago | past
Astronomers Suggest a Surprising New Way to Detect Alien Megastructures (singularityhub.com)
2 points by bryanrasmussen 3 months ago | past
Walmart Just Invested Big in Vertical Farming (singularityhub.com)
2 points by hubraumhugo 3 months ago | past | 1 comment
Breakthrough Shot of Engineered Immune Cells Helps Heal Heart Damage (singularityhub.com)
2 points by TriNetra 4 months ago | past
New Virus-Like Particles Can Deliver CRISPR to Any Cell in the Body (singularityhub.com)
5 points by panabee 4 months ago | past
Watch a Jet Suit Pilot Deliver Supplies in a Mountain Warfare Rescue (singularityhub.com)
1 point by leirbagarc 4 months ago | past
Megatron AI argues AI ethics (singularityhub.com)
2 points by tomrod 5 months ago | past
The World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Is Up and Running (singularityhub.com)
3 points by infodocket 5 months ago | past
DeepMind’s new AI with a memory outperforms algorithms 25 times its size (singularityhub.com)
324 points by darkscape 5 months ago | past | 132 comments

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