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A paper-based backup solution (extremetech.com)
1 point by awiesenhofer 3 days ago | past | discuss
x86 Beware: Nvidia May Be Eyeing an ARM Takeover from Soft Bank (extremetech.com)
2 points by segfaultbuserr 12 days ago | past | discuss
New 'Sex Simulator' Ransomware Pops Up on Android (extremetech.com)
1 point by imbo 13 days ago | past | discuss
TSMC to Build Supercomputing AI Chips, Ramps Wafer-Scale Computing (extremetech.com)
2 points by banjo_milkman 33 days ago | past
Tool Can Hack Your Accounts Even with Two-Factor Authentication – ExtremeTe (extremetech.com)
3 points by Starlen 39 days ago | past | 1 comment
Western Digital Sued to Permanently Block SMR in NAS HDDs (extremetech.com)
1 point by mwexler 52 days ago | past
Google Docs Voice Typing lets you speak instead of type (extremetech.com)
1 point by XGIJANEYX 59 days ago | past
US Download Speeds Keeping Pace with Console Game Sizes (extremetech.com)
1 point by jonbaer 60 days ago | past
A Competitive Apple ARM Core Could Finally Break x86’s Long Computing Monopoly (extremetech.com)
3 points by deepaksurti 61 days ago | past
Some AI Advances in the Last Decade May Have Been Illusory (extremetech.com)
1 point by jonbaer 70 days ago | past
Samsung Announces Phone with 'Quantum' Security Technology (extremetech.com)
2 points by jonbaer 86 days ago | past
Intel, TSMC Reportedly in Talks to Build New US Foundries (extremetech.com)
4 points by jonbaer 3 months ago | past
China Tests New Crewed Spacecraft and Heavy-Lift Rocket (extremetech.com)
2 points by jonbaer 3 months ago | past
How Much Power Do GPUs Consume? (extremetech.com)
1 point by jonbaer 3 months ago | past
New Startup SiPearl Will Challenge AMD, Intel for Control of the EU HPC Market (extremetech.com)
1 point by DeathArrow 3 months ago | past
SpaceX Starship Prototype Finally Aces Pressure Test (extremetech.com)
2 points by signa11 3 months ago | past
The Best CPUs Ever Made (extremetech.com)
2 points by jonbaer 3 months ago | past
Nvidia Announces Company-Wide Raises, Promises No Layoffs During Pandemic (extremetech.com)
2 points by magoghm 3 months ago | past
Folding@Home (extremetech.com)
1 point by lostworld 3 months ago | past
Folding Home Now More Powerful Than All the Supercomputers on Earth (extremetech.com)
1 point by jonbaer 3 months ago | past
The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero Can Power Ventilators to Fight Covid-19 (extremetech.com)
5 points by jonbaer 3 months ago | past | 2 comments
Nvidia Shows Off New Ray-Traced Minecraft Screenshots (extremetech.com)
1 point by jonbaer 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
Crippled No Longer: Matlab Now Runs on AMD CPUs at Full Speed (extremetech.com)
12 points by newswasboring 4 months ago | past
NASA Conducts Final Test on Mars Helicopter Before Launch (extremetech.com)
2 points by jonbaer 4 months ago | past
MIT Develops Cheap, Open Source Ventilator for Coronavirus Treatment – ExtremeTe (extremetech.com)
2 points by anerdib 4 months ago | past
IBM Supercomputer Identifies 77 Compounds That Could Fight Coronavirus (extremetech.com)
1 point by doener 4 months ago | past
SpaceX Launches New Batch of Starlink Satellites (extremetech.com)
3 points by jonbaer 4 months ago | past
Covid-19 Pushes Steam to Record Number of Active Users (extremetech.com)
2 points by jonbaer 4 months ago | past
Smallest Known Dinosaur Discovered Preserved in Amber (extremetech.com)
1 point by jonbaer 5 months ago | past
The Fastest Supercomputer on Earth Is Being Deployed Against Coronavirus (extremetech.com)
4 points by jonbaer 5 months ago | past

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