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British cops want to see if AI can prevent crimes, like ‘Minority Report’ (bgr.com)
8 points by kentms 12 days ago | past | web | 1 comment
NASA wants to know how much pot Elon Musk smokes (bgr.com)
1 point by DyslexicAtheist 23 days ago | past | web
A popular YouTuber was able to bend the new iPad Pro easily (bgr.com)
4 points by vezycash 28 days ago | past | web
Early Instagram employee on IG: Like‘a drug that doesn’t get us high anymore’ (bgr.com)
2 points by allenleein 30 days ago | past | web
Russia to build reusable nuclear rocket (bgr.com)
1 point by cookingrobot 30 days ago | past | web
Now there's something wrong with NASA's Chandra spacecraft, too (bgr.com)
2 points by nopacience 61 days ago | past | web
Almost a quarter of Android owners are planning to switch to iPhone (bgr.com)
2 points by commoner 65 days ago | past | web | 1 comment
Apple Watch Series 4 might be more powerful than the iPhone in your pocket (bgr.com)
2 points by jonbaer 72 days ago | past | web
I went to a cashierless Amazon Go store and it absolutely lived up to the hype (bgr.com)
1 point by xsprophet 82 days ago | past | web
Samsung just launched a phone with a triple-lens camera (bgr.com)
1 point by tekacs 86 days ago | past | web
Robot jellyfish could save the world’s coral reefs (bgr.com)
1 point by Jazz4241 87 days ago | past | web
Google’s search engine for China censors results for ‘democracy,’ ‘human rights (bgr.com)
3 points by l1feh4ck 89 days ago | past | web
Google in China censors results for democracy, human rights, or free speech (bgr.com)
7 points by crunchlibrarian 3 months ago | past | web
Apple’s most exciting new phone of 2018 will be the iPhone XS Max (bgr.com)
1 point by xsprophet 3 months ago | past | web
Report: Tesla failed to manufacture 6,000 Model 3 units per week in August (bgr.com)
2 points by bdcravens 3 months ago | past | web
Apple may be working on an always-on mode for Apple Watch (bgr.com)
2 points by Jazz4241 3 months ago | past | web
Google just launched the two-factor authenticator dongle you’ve been waiting for (bgr.com)
2 points by tekacs 3 months ago | past | web
Scientists may have discovered first ‘ghost’ black hole from different universe (bgr.com)
8 points by huntermeyer 3 months ago | past | web
NASA finally figured out what this ‘foreign object’ on Mars actually is (bgr.com)
3 points by plasticchris 3 months ago | past | web
Chrome may soon add a feature that will speed up the entire internet (bgr.com)
1 point by dpaluy 4 months ago | past | web
NASA’s Opportunity rover still hasn’t woken up from a Mars dust storm (bgr.com)
1 point by aphextron 4 months ago | past | web
Facebook is shedding massive traffic – and it’s apparently flocking to YouTube (bgr.com)
3 points by sverige 4 months ago | past | web | 1 comment
Tim Cook’s refusal to help FBI hack iPhone is validated by ‘WannaCry’ attack (bgr.com)
1 point by colinprince 4 months ago | past | web
Google Maps added a new feature that’s equal parts genius and creepy (bgr.com)
1 point by rburhum 4 months ago | past | web
Google Maps new features battery life indicator location sharing (bgr.com)
3 points by anakron 4 months ago | past | web
There’s no way to recover data from the new MacBook Pros (bgr.com)
15 points by etrevino 4 months ago | past | web | 7 comments
Record-breaking fine this week could put Google’s business model at stake (bgr.com)
1 point by mvgoogler 5 months ago | past | web
Elon Musk says the Model 3 represents Tesla’s last ‘bet the company’ initiative (bgr.com)
1 point by lvlessi 5 months ago | past | web
You can now test Google’s biggest Chrome redesign in years (bgr.com)
9 points by everdev 5 months ago | past | web
Netflix’s app is getting a cool new feature, but only on Android (bgr.com)
1 point by john58 5 months ago | past | web

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