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Nvidia's bid to buy ARM for $54B suffers yet another setback (androidpolice.com)
6 points by turtlegrids 2 days ago | past | discuss
Google Calendar can automatically start and share notes for your next meeting (androidpolice.com)
1 point by raybb 9 days ago | past | discuss
Mars Ingenuity: 2,800 RPM Spin a Success, Flight 14 Delayed to Post Conjunction (androidpolice.com)
1 point by sohkamyung 16 days ago | past | 2 comments
LineageOS arrives to trick out your Pixel 5a (androidpolice.com)
10 points by thunderbong 21 days ago | past
Signal mobile payments expanded to Switzerland, France and Germany (androidpolice.com)
1 point by tut-urut-utut 28 days ago | past
Signal beta opens payments in more countries (androidpolice.com)
3 points by drummer 29 days ago | past
Google confirms it's the end of the road for Android Auto on phone screens (androidpolice.com)
3 points by canada_random1 56 days ago | past | 1 comment
Google bans 'sugar daddy' apps from Play Store (androidpolice.com)
14 points by williamsharris 78 days ago | past | 1 comment
The Pixel 5 camera is so good that I've ditched my mirrorless cam when traveling (androidpolice.com)
5 points by nixass 83 days ago | past
Brave Browser adds its own referral codes to some cryptocurrency sites (2020) (androidpolice.com)
21 points by cassianoleal 86 days ago | past | 8 comments
Forget the Chromecast, Walmart Onn is cheaper and just as good (androidpolice.com)
8 points by sam345 3 months ago | past
Venmo to Start Charging Fees for Transfers (androidpolice.com)
3 points by tracyhenry 3 months ago | past
Everything is Workspace now, even your free Gmail account (androidpolice.com)
1 point by teleforce 3 months ago | past
Google's confusing new Play Store redesign is showing up for more users (androidpolice.com)
1 point by sidcool 4 months ago | past
'Hey Google, piss off the neighbors' (androidpolice.com)
12 points by electriclove 4 months ago | past
Pixel could soon take time-lapses of the Milky Way (androidpolice.com)
3 points by sam86pa 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
WhatsApp multi-device support is coming soon, an iPad client could follow (androidpolice.com)
2 points by T2siel 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
I've used Android for over 10 years – I'm switching to an iPhone 12 Mini (androidpolice.com)
1 point by AuthorizedCust 4 months ago | past | 2 comments
Google Discover will get a major theming overhaul in Android 12 (androidpolice.com)
1 point by kinleyties 4 months ago | past
Google is making finding Wear OS apps suck less (androidpolice.com)
2 points by harmeswoul12 4 months ago | past
Material You is the next evolution of Google's design language (androidpolice.com)
3 points by iBelieve 4 months ago | past
Can you make a de-Googled phone feel like a Pixel? This custom ROM wants to (androidpolice.com)
3 points by indidea 5 months ago | past
Google Phone will announce callers like you've got a fancy secretary (androidpolice.com)
2 points by mcwalshq 5 months ago | past
WhatsApp tried to dunk on Telegram but failed miserably (androidpolice.com)
3 points by xtnmclain 5 months ago | past
WhatsApp will progressively kill features until users accept new privacy policy (androidpolice.com)
424 points by huntermeyer 5 months ago | past | 271 comments
Google Photos might introduce a new free backup plan for Pixel phones (androidpolice.com)
1 point by stvhnks 5 months ago | past
YouTube tests SoundCloud-style comments linking to specific times (androidpolice.com)
4 points by alexrustic 5 months ago | past
Someone called the cops on their own smart vacuum (androidpolice.com)
2 points by zdw 5 months ago | past
Facebook bullies third-party apps Swipe and Simple Social into oblivion (androidpolice.com)
18 points by tomohawk 5 months ago | past | 4 comments
VPN by Google One is among the first ioXt-certified apps (androidpolice.com)
2 points by congchen5 6 months ago | past

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