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In my area they recycle 1, 2 and 5, so that's what I do.

PET #1 is very recyclable in general. Not so sure about 2 or 5.

My biggest frustration is all the recycling labels smeared on things that aren't recyclable leading to everyone calling it a 'scam' when in fact some recycling of plastics (namely PET) is much better than the alternative (burning or landfill).

> Temporal

They are well funded, but do they actually make money? Seems like the odd one out in your list.

I know a few people who have gotten in through Customer Support. Worst case scenario, you get experience working at a tech company, working with engineers, PMs, designers, etc. It's all very valuable. I suggest against the remote angle while you're still learning and making connections in the industry.

Hide the dock, make it 1 pixel and max the delay.

Make finder quitable and quit it.

Disable as many other mac bloat features as possible.

Install a keyboard-driven window snapping program (formerly Spectacle).

Install Contexts for window/app switching.

Install MacPorts for OSS and unix-y stuff.

Setup Fish, iTerm2, Firefox and VSCode.

Then add programming language SDKs / build tools / IDEs as necessary.

Hah, you might have beaten me to the punch! I submitted it nonetheless. Soon the world will know about all the geki-action.

If you could get into his Discord (a gaming-focused chat app), you could probably figure it out by looking though his DMs and finding someone close to him to notify.

He may also be playing emulated EverQuest, such as Project1999 (which has separate forums).

Discourse for online games these days is mainly done via Discord, however. So there's a good chance you won't find them on the forums.

After reading this, I was left with the impression Google is full of under-utilized talent, has poor product vision and has systems in place that discourage innovation and risk taking.

So if this is a PR piece, then it is not a great one.

Half of English is medieval Latin (French) and half of Japanese is medieval Chinese is a better analogy.

It's true that half of Japanese is English, and half is medieval Chinese. Only the third half is native to Japan.

The Chinese influence works a lot like the Latin influence on English. Japanese is written in Chinese and some extra derivatives (hiragana/katakana are derived from Chinese characters). English is written in Latin characters plus a few extra (j, w, etc). Words you speak to express emotions, words that move you, words that you speak with your children, etc. are mostly native words (English/Japanese) but open a text book or newspaper and you're met with a wall of passionless loan words (Chinese/Latin) tersely describing precise phenomena.

The English is only for very modern stuff. Think computer technology or business buzz words.

I know, I was just trying to crack a joke :) I love that you can walk down a street in Tokyo and read half the signs if you know katakana.

Did Elon just play a lot of X-COM or something? His love of "x.com" makes no obvious sense to me.

From what i've understood reading about the rebrand - broad strokes - he wants "X" to be an all in one portal to future internet experiences like metaverse/AI/crypto.

Kinda like metaverse stuff at Meta but instead of being a separate thing from the successful base product just rebrand the base product so people expect it to be more.

It sorta makes sense but could also be some kinda ego move idk anymore.

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