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Sounds like a two person cult.

Sounds like an Apple employee to Steve Jobs.

Collins dictionary is my go to. I avoid Miriam Webster. Unfortunately MW appears to have won the SEO wars.

This FT long piece on Palmer Lucky, and Anduril has some good context: https://www.ft.com/content/ce6f96f8-6ab8-4089-b7db-f99db22c2...


Is this article really equating Palmer Lucky to Oppenheimer?

No, the only mention of Oppenheimer in the article is this:

> Essentially, Luckey’s aim is to make the US and its allies almost impossible to harm — “a prickly porcupine” in his words — as well as to supply weapons powerful enough to put adversaries off attacking in the first place. “We want to build the capabilities that give us the ability to swiftly win any war we are forced to enter,” he says.

> The thesis is not original. It’s the same idea that led to Robert Oppenheimer’s development of the atomic bomb. America’s attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the second world war, killing more than 100,000 people, and nuclear weapons have not been deployed in conflict since.

Newspaper headlines are usually added by the copy editors, not the author of the article.

Ah - so it was the FT editor that equated Palmer Luckey to Oppenheimer.

Is he not just saying that Palmer Luckey’s “idea” isn’t his own — Oppenheimer for example had it before? That’s hardly equating them

The title of the article is "How Silicon Valley’s ‘Oppenheimer’ found lucrative trade in AI weapons".

The implication is that Palmer is Silcon Valley's Oppenheimer.

EDIT: Although, now that you mention it, Oppenheimer is in quotes. I guess it's possible that the FT is being sarcastic.

I don't know about equal but Luckey has achieved some pretty impressive things by age 31. I think people are blinded by his political activity.

> I don't know about equal but Luckey has achieved some pretty impressive things by age 31.

Having interacted with Luckey in a number of unpleasant ways, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree.

So you disagree his achievements are impressive? That's my only assertion.

And if so, you are saying his achievements are nullified by his behavior?

What achievements? Is productizing something we figured out in the 90s (you can do VR with a headset using some form of magnetic tracking) really comparable to splitting the goddamned atom?

The dude's a hacker, not a god.

I do disagree his achievements are impressive.

As near as I can tell, he is successful for advocating for VR headsets.

I do not believe that's equivalent to splitting the atom. But hey, I guess we all see things our own way.

Don't tease me with that cliffhanger. Throw me some breadcrumbs. Do tell.

Who owns Volvo?

From the article:

> The EX30 from Volvo Cars (VOLCARb.ST), opens new tab, the Swedish luxury brand owned by China's Geely (GEELY.UL)

From Wikipedia [0]:

> Owners: AB Industrivärden (9.1%; 27.9% votes) > (6.8%; 15.5% votes)*

[0] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo

As you can read in the article, Volvo Cars [0] was spun out and bought by Ford in 1999, then by Geely in 2010.

Volvo AB (largest owner Industrivärden) still owns Volvo Trucks and the other parts of Volvo.

[0]: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_Cars

Volvo Cars is a different entity than Volvo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_Cars

Why aren’t you using an adblocker?

Mobile adblockers have never worked for me.

If you run Android, try out mobile Firefox w/ uBlock Origin

This combo makes mobile web experience great again.

On iOS, Orion with uBlock Origin works well.

firefox mobile with uBlockOrigin is the exact same experience as desktop.

well, besides sharing rules using a firefox sync account because they stubbornly disable that on the android build. but that's very minor.

No ads on Brave on iOS, and it’s never really caused me any issues that I can see.

Maybe time to try again. I use AdGuard on iOS, and Firefox on android supports uBlock Origin.

Nextdns works on all phones and most apps (only YT has ads on my iPhone)

1Blocker on iOS. Works.

This is also the premise of Greg Egan’s novel Permutation City.

Also a provocative read.

I think you’re just saying “cogito, ergo sum”.

Yours sounds more like, “something seeming therefore something seeming”.

My Counterstrike rank was always inversely correlated with my general happiness.

I remember being a young teenager (25 years ago now, yikes) playing counter strike and StarCraft all the time and being pretty good at both. I started playing with others who were in really good leagues (back then it was called cal-i for cs, not sure what exists now), and I realized the level of dedication and time necessary to compete at that level and I basically gave it up. Once you start thinking, “becoming better at this is going to take 6-10 hours of my life everyday” I checked out. In hindsight, I wish I had known it sooner.

“The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman. The ability to play chess well is the sign of a wasted life." - Paul Morphy

I had the exact same experience, when I went to a chess club for the first time. I realised that to keep pace with those guys I’d have to spend more time than I was willing to on getting better.

Especially with MMR based systems. No matter how good you get your win/loss ratio will end up around 50%.

So you have to ask yourself why you need to keep getting better. To me It’s really about finding a level of “good” that you can maintain comfortably, while maintaining interest.

And also realise that games aren’t vocations. It’s fine to play a game until you stop having fun, then stop playing the game.

I play chess at a nearby place and they just split people into self selected newbie/intermediate/advanced groups. There is just no limit to how much time you can spend training in chess is the thing, applied to most games really. I used to be more into it during the pandemic but now I just play casually without practicing everyday, which is fun enough for me.

I played against hardcore gamers and didn't bother. They may have cold head, but I have fun. I once though about playing games with cold head, but the idea is so ridiculous it didn't fly at all.

Those sorts of guys have ruined all the games I grew up with. I can’t just casually play anymore. It doesn’t exist. Every lobby left is a sweatfest from people who have been playing the game nonstop since it came out 10-20 years ago sometimes. You have to swing vine from vine to whatever crap game is currently popular to get a chance at pwning noobs again.

Chess is super old but reason it's fun is because of the rating system that matches equal-ish players against each other. I'm guessing these games don't have that, I thought Starcraft had something like that but it's been a while since I played it.

Not much to be done about that with community ran servers for a lot of games. Its a thing when the game developer runs a ton of servers but usually that only lasts a few years after release before these are shut down by the game developer.

There's an easy fix for this one!

AI literally made game hacks undetectable. It's never been easier to cheat on videogames in a way that poses literally zero risk of getting banned.

Here's an example of a tool that has made my "The Finals" experience about 10000% better: https://github.com/Babyhamsta/Aimmy

I'm having fun with my buddies, leasiurly talking on discord while yet another diamond sweat-lord who tries to gank me gets destroyed.

Also related, but botting on games like runescape has made my desire to play MMORPG's go way up too. Now I too can play the fun end game content without wasting my damn life on it.

Botting honestly put people out of work. I met someone from brazil who as a kid used to sell runescape gp to americans. He made some money in a world where there wasn’t much else opportunity to do so at that age.

The third worlders doing this themselves often bot or run bot farms.

you shouldn't be proud of this. people like you ruin games.

The most fun I had playing video games in the past 10 years was when the PokémonGo api wasn’t locked down.

Won’t WebDAV sync the whole file every time? I can’t imagine webdav being superior for this than Dropbox’s block level syncing.

Especially if Joplin files are anything like OneNote files and have the whole content of a workbook as a single file.

What an unexpectedly poignant story.

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