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A couple of weeks ago I discovered (In Grooveshark) an album of "Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos" remix, which was actually really good.

The only place were this album was available was in Grooveshark. Now I'll never be able to listen to it again. That's quite sad.

Also, services like Rdio (I am a subscriber), spotify and the like don't have all the music I listen to (or is not available in my country). For example this album: http://www.rdio.com/artist/Stratovarius/album/Visions/?apSou... I cannot listen... even though I am a paying member, and the funniest thing is that I have the CD at my mom's house, were I bought it about 13 years ago.

Grooveshark (like AllOfMP3 on its time) was years light from the paying services...


Did any of the remixes come from here? http://ocremix.org/game/135/ninja-gaiden-ii-the-dark-sword-o...


Amazing. Just yesterday some colleagues and I were toying with the idea of creating a game called "Age of Startupts", an RTS game were you have to build your Technology Empire but starting with a simple "garage" and a couple of 'founders'.

As part of this hypothetical game you would have to develop technology, by building research centers and creating (sorry, I meant recruiting) Data Scientists and Engineers.

As the player keeps expanding, he would pass from the "mvp age" to "seed round age", then to "series A", "series B", "series C", until they get to the holy grail age of "IPO".

But as with any good RTS, the player would have to compete with other players. This will mainly be in the form of a priest^WCEO which will travel to the other startups to 'wololo' Engineers and DataScientists so that they work for him.

Another interesting option will be, the "secret agent", a guy (Eng, DS or Admin) who you can disguise as a unit from another player and leave in the middle of the enemy's Plex so that he believes that it is one of his units. Once the enemy player starts directing your 'camouflaged' unit you will be able to get new information about the adversaries.

Should make an interesting game haha.




So kind of GameDev Tycoon meets Capitalism meets Starcraft?


that sounds fun !


The fundraising part of this game would be NSFW. So you wouldn't get the play-at-the-office crowd that made Farmville what it was.


What I think is unique of the linked article (yup, I read it all and it was really interesting and related to my startup) is that the type of work being done by the telecommuters is easily measurable: they are telephone operators. So it is quite simple to compare the number of successful calls (depending on what the company is about) made by people both in site or telecommuting.


These discussions remind me of the "old days" of /. Discussing the GPL is like discussing Catholicism, points of view are strongly rooted in ideology, these type of discussions are never constructive.

The only difference for me, is that at the time (when I participated in these on /.) I was young, full of energy to spend on idealisms, and thought everything was black or white. Nowadays, I just chuckle reading how people get their panties in a bunch (for some reason, I like this English phrase) instead of using the tools that comply with whatever license they like.


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If the only differentiator and "secret sauce" in your product is a bunch of CSS and some D3 layouts, you've got a problem.

Stop whining and start creating some real backend system and process so that you can offer real value to your customers. I bet you would love to get patents on those charts and color combinations uh?


We use client certs in the company where I work to authenticate into all internal pages. Once the infrastructure was in place (an easy way to generate a certificate to any new colleague) it has been a breeze to setup and use.

Server side, it is 3 or 4 Nginx lines. Client side, people only have to get the cert, click it to open, and install it on Chrome. After that, they are happy they don't have to remember any password for our different services.

I think we could implement it for our users if we gave the option to "login using cert" and "send me a new cert" (to the email they used for signin). People need minimal training but they don't have to be computer literate to do it (half of our company are not, and they found it better than passwords once the system was in place).


I had the same thought about the cables... the marketing images look like a lot of today's electronics which are full of cables (like chromecast and/or clones, etc) which look "beautiful" in paper but are choked with cables once you really want to use them.

I think it would be a better idea to have a keyboard-box (PC inside a keyboard). You would have more space to work and it doesn't have to move due to its very nature.

A keyboard the size of the Apple wireless keyboard would be excellent ( https://www.apple.com/keyboard/ ).


That just brought back memories of some of the promo material that came with our Commodore 128 when I was a kid. One of the images showed a guy in a suit carrying his Commodore instead of a briefcase as he walked across some corporate campus. As a kid I thought it was so cool that someday you'd just carry your computer instead of some boring box full of papers.

Of course now we have Penny's "computer book" from Inspector Gadget so it's not quite as mindblowing as it was for 8-year-old me.


3.35% according to [this webpage]( http://researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com/app-usage-risk-re...( cited by [BitTorrent wikipedia article](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent)

Impressive how it went from being the 35% of traffic in 2004.


That's also partly due to Netflix' extreme web market share: They account for ~31% of all global aggregate internet usage, and combined with Youtube, the major video streamers account for ~43% of all global aggregate internet usage. That's probably because their business models necessitate a lot of traffic, since content needs to be re-downloaded on each viewing/listening.


Well according to xtracto's link, Netflix is only 0.85% (and YouTube is 5.7%), so I don't think numbers can be compared across sources - the methods of measuring traffic seem to vary wildly.



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