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and flashlights for night-time robberies

seriously? the blame is on government, local or otherwise, for criminalizing safe, voluntary interactions. requiring licenses of children operating a lemonade stand is indoctrinating a serious level of statism, which historically has had far more victims.

you want a stupid little law like that overturned get a petition and take it to your local city counsel.

discrimination vs. discrepancy. I find it odd that many people jump to the first while simultaneously holding the belief that corporations only care about profit.

What do you meant as far as discrimination v. discrepancy? Just because numbers don't line up doesn't automatically mean there is nefarious intent. Corporations can care only about profit and still operate within the bounds of the law.

thats what I'm saying. many people jump to 'discrimination' when its merely a discrepancy. discrepancies exist everywhere for entirely benign reasons. furthermore, believing its discrimination for its own sake (like age discrimination) would contradict the belief that companies optimize for profit (which I don't think is a bad thing) since there no absolute causality there.

netflix came to be a multibillion dollar business without these laws. more likely, we'll get more consumer friendly options over diverse, specialized 'types' of ISPs, thanks to caching, as we have seen like free music streaming on t-mobile or free netflix on flights. or more vital/cool things like guaranteed rates for remote medical monitoring through partnerships

Netflix came to be in an environment where custom and the threat of regulation stood in for actual regulation.

So what has changed? Why add regulation if there hasn't been any proven need yet? In my opinion the bad PR is more of a threat then regulation

Verizon sued the FCC to force them to regulate in more legally enforceable ways.

That sounds like a good thing. I am not familiar with the case though so not giving Verizon too much credit yet

in 2005, the FCC unanimously adopted a set of what we would now call net neutrality principles to protect customers under the new "information services" regulatory framework. Verizon successfully argued the FCC couldn't enforce those principles under that system, so in 2015 the FCC reverted to the stronger "telecommunications services" framework.

ISPs' actions and stated intentions prove the need. Other posts go into the details, so I won't repeat them.

PR only matters when there's meaningful competition. For most American households, there isn't.

foolish and regressive. enjoy higher DUI rates, less service and less availability. for what its worth, i've been taking uber and lyft in quebec for years.

> for what its worth, i've been taking uber and lyft in quebec for years

Lyft doesn't operate in Canada outside of Ontario. They added Ottawa as their second city in Canada earlier this year (https://blog.lyft.com/posts/coming-to-ottawa).

I'm not anti-uber, I'm against flouting the rule of law and fucking over taxi drivers that put their life savings into licenses.

blame the people extorting taxi drivers for licenses. the government shouldn't be able to tell you what you can use your car for.

I find it sad how prevalent this mentality is. the cost to technology and progress is immeasurably vast.

fdareview.org - the fda kills more people in late/non approvals than it saves through denials. this is why compassionate use has been on the rise

It does not, in any way, imply that pharmaceutical companies would do a better job if left to their own devices and market pressure.

There's a lot of sunlight between letting pharma companies run rampant and having the FDA. One could imagine private non-profit testing and qualifications standards organizations along the lines of the underwriters laboratories

And who will manage all that testing? A government entity? Because that would bring us back to the original point.

UL is not "managed" by a government.

It is not completely out of this world to imagine multiple private entities involved in pharma dossier reviews instead of having the FDA. The FDA employs tons of private consultants anyway so they bring virtually no value.

HN has reached a level of popularity where its attracted too many non-engineers that love jumping into these threads with ignorant, reactionary, hyperbolic responses. every post on uber/tesla autopilot has at least a few people calling for elon to be tried for manslaughter for car accidents. really shows the stupidity of the mob. this thread is another great example. if only it were benign and didn't have real, foolish policy implications like the GDPR

well, there was the atom editor. which now i fully expect msft to kill in favor of vs code. damn it.

VsCode is open source too: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode

i vastly prefer atom - open source or not.

How would they kill it? It's open source.

They can't really "kill" it as in destroy it, but the biggest contributors to that project were all GitHub staff. MS will most definitely redirect any staff efforts to VSCode instead.

seriously? spain, italy, and greece don't have malfunctioning governments?

They still provide better service for their citizens than say New York or California.

not even remotely close to true.

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