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I’m surprised Tay hasn’t been cloned with how popular it was.

Don’t agree with politicians using this as a money making opportunity with no clear rules where the money can be spent.

Would be happier if it were burned to be honest.

I don't understand how this is politicians making money. It happens all the time, sure, but what about the DMA is making politicians rich?

Let’s stop pretending any of it makes sense. Why are Mac app devs not charged the “Technology Fee”.

Because MacOs is around 10 to 15% market share it make sense to use every incentive available to attract developers to another platform than Windows. There is a hidden technology fee, but it make more sense not to charge for it.

iOS is more like 50 to 55% market share so the goal is more to filter out bad actors and keep a high standard. Also let's milk that cash-cow.

I'm not necessarily agreeing with this approach but I got to admit it makes sense.

Because they don’t have to sell on the Mac App Store, they can use their own website. That has nothing to do with other browser engines being available.

And they still must pay the 100$ annually to sign and notarize.

You need MFI to use Bluetooth unless it’s audio through the system UI or BTLE

Bluetooth is not part of MFI for any of the standard profiles.


Your screenshots need a bit more thought into them you're essentially just showing some empty rectangles with no context as to what you're selling.

Also I'd be looking towards voice as the input/output for llm on Vision Pro.

okay fair, the actual ui is improved then on the screenshots, so i will be updating them asap

The entitlement of iOS, iPad and seemingly Vision Pro ecosystems is bizarre. Must be something about how the systems are designed that has devalued applications in the eyes of the users.

Mac and Windows ecosystems you'd have no issue even charging up to $7 a month for a AI frontend.

Now it's “entitlement” to say that I don’t want to pay for access to a language model that is completely useless in a chat format like this (a model that I have plenty of experience with), when I already have access to more useful models through other apps? Wow.

Your comment sets the bar for entitlement really low. So, surely you spend all of your money buying things that you know are useless out of some obligation to not seem entitled? You can see how ridiculous that sounds, so the most charitable interpretation of your comment is that you didn’t actually read my comment before responding.

The feedback I provided was a lot more useful than trying to guilt trip someone into spending money on something they know they won’t get any value out of. If the author switches to a better language model, it will make their app far more attractive to potential buyers, and they can do this, as shown by the existence of other apps that already have. We are fortunate that TinyLlama is not the best model available.

> Mac and Windows ecosystems you'd have no issue even charging up to $7 a month for a AI frontend.

I absolutely would have an issue with paying $7/mo for a TinyLlama-only frontend, no matter the platform. Maybe you’ve never actually used TinyLlama? What have you found it useful for in a general chat environment? How did the accuracy compare to models like Mistral-7B that run just fine on Vision Pro?

No, every platform apart from maybe Tiktok will apply a heavy negative weight to your post if you use them.

Tumblr is the only social media site that has a successful tagging where the tags actually are meaningful for discovery and it's all due to the community not really the implementation.

Ex-Twitter devs rolling out a feature that if you used it on Twitter during their reign it would harm your post in the algorithm.

There are no ex-Twitter devs at Bluesky and only one ex-Twitter employee who started this month.

Custom feeds on Bluesky are federated so that anyone can create a new one using any algorithm they wish. There are already many thousands to choose from.

You seem to imply that the founders of Bluesky were the ones pushing for those algorithm changes at Twitter? Do you have any more information on this? I find it hard to believe that this is a decision made by developers.

Using a hashtag on twitter reduced your posts discovery on twitter? Why did they do that?

I would guess that on the whole hashtags provide negative value to users. It's a neat idea but it almost immediately devolves into SEO spam.

Users _invented_ hashtags and the platform subsequently provided official mechanics for them. Just as users invented retweets and used to do them manually. People really value discovery, it's just that it's so vulnerable to the SEO arms race.

Objectively wrong.

> and provides a lot of surface area and crevices for mould to grow

Isn't the whole reason Heinz ketchup is self stable is because it's too high in acidity for mold to even grow

It's probably from added stabilizers and not acidity. Molds do well with acidic food, as well as sugary and salty


-- https://www.heinz.com/products/00013000006408-tomato-ketchup

It does look like there's no preservatives added to heinz. It appears the lack of mold growth in ketchup comes down to a combination of lower pH from the vinegar, and low water content by cooking it out of the tomatoes. According to some food safety experts, it's possible for mold to grow on ketchup, less so for pathogens. Keeping it cold will definitely extend the time it would take mold to root.

The story is that Heinz specifically developed their recipe to avoid the use of benzoate over 100 years ago. Ketchup at the time was a completely different condiment: much thinner and not nearly as sweet, salty and vinegary, and also absolutely loaded with preservatives.

I checked for my country (Slovakia in Europe) just out of curiosity:

- tomatoes (148g for 100g of ketchup)

- distilled vinegar

- sugar

- salt

- spice and herb extract

- spices


Molds and bacteria do not do well with acidic foods — that’s why you can leave an opened jar of salsa in the fridge for, like, a year. It’s also why it’s safe to can tomato sauce in a hot water bath, versus other less acidic food which need to be pressure canned.

Wrong! Both bacteria and fungi can thrive in a variety of pH. Acidophiles are a group specialized to highly acidic environments, and there are alkaliphiles as well. Fungi and bacteria also have methods to both change the pH of their environment, and adapt to it. Google it, there's plenty of research papers.

Both bacteria and fungi prefer more acidic than alkaline environments, with a "happy range" for each. Tomatoes are only weakly acidic, at 4.3 to 4.9. But molds commonly grow at pH 3.5 to 8. Aspergillus niger and Penicillium funiculosum can grow at pH 2 and below.

Extremely low pH is certainly useful at inhibiting some forms of life, but the world contains many different forms of life, and some are a lot more adaptive than others. Research shows that the best way to preserve food is a combination of chemical preservatives and low pH. Which is why the commercial food industry uses preservatives...

Are the mold that grow at acidic pHs common in the household?

Maybe I'm alone in this but I always found the silicone cap design choice to be particularly disgusting and unappetizing. Having your sauce fired to the plate at high velocity thin stream with a gross noise just isn't what I want when I'm about to eat. Doesn't take much imagination to think what it resembles in nature when you look at it.

Think I only used one of these bottles once when they were introduced what 15-20 years ago? Then I've taken the entire lid off every single time since because of how unappetizing it is. Always go with the glass bottles too if I can for the same reason.

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